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im sorry but...

these just aren't funny anymore you need to do something different. at least the animation is good though


the only reson im giving this a 10 is beacuase the voices where pretty good. but thats it!

(haha no the animation was great and truly added to the hilarious voice acting)

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i thought it was good

not amazing but it was enjoyable and it gave me a few good laughs some of your other work is funnier but this one wasn't bad oh and the animation was really well done and really helped make some of the jokes


omg that was the best video i have seen on newgrounds in a long long time everyting thing about it was just fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you so much

dont listen to the haters

pikachu can kick anyones ass no matter if there rock or whatever type of pokemon

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like many people said

the art and animation where great but the jokes just were not funny


these pancakes are tiny should of totally won the best flash

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to MetalHeadTy

blood and gore doesnt make everything better expecially when it comes to cat face its people like you that are making this society go down the shitter

i always love your animations

and i also love how you always use mew in them they are an amazing band and its a shame not many people know about them keep up the great work!

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loved it

the animation was very well done the song and video matched perfectly it had a robot in it the way the robot sang and made all the techno sounds was a really good idea everything about this animation was great oh and did i mention it had a robot in it :)

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AKS9 responds:

hey thanks alot!
actually I think your review is great, it has great pacing and great comments and makes me feel good and guess what your userpic has a robot in it :D

in dreams emotions are overwhelming

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